The guests of Hard Rock Punta Cana should be pampered like real rock stars, and for this it was thought about an environment that offers about 60,000 square meters, designed to pamper your body through the walls of a luxury spa in which there will be no place for complaints or regrets, only for satisfaction and desire to again feel the sensation that should give you a moment of rejection and consent.

Within its great prestige, it is reflected that the hotel has one of the largest hydrotherapy schemes in the entire Caribbean, given that for those special moments of events, such as weddings, there is a whole area Special reserved exclusively for preparing the bride.

To take care of the body after pampering with the excellent food offered by the hotel, there is a gym called the “Fitness Center”, which organizes all types of activities, including Pilates, step and spinning.

In terms of comfort, the hotel offers train services to take guests to the beach and pool, where you can enjoy the environment with 13 small pools of various designs from the water park for children. as well as the leisure pool, which is located next to the river, is ideal for calm and relaxation, the beach should also offer you the possibility of hiking, where the only goal is to breathe fresh air and take a new impulse that will make it look rejuvenated, in addition to enjoying the experience of observing marine animals such as whales, which can sometimes be seen in vast waters.

And, as one of the best options in terms of pampering, you can enjoy a good gastronomic atmosphere. The hotel offers a wide selection of à la carte restaurants, creating a sumptuous buffet style for breakfast and dinner. dinners. Since the cuisine is national and international, it includes an Italian restaurant, one Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican, Caribbean and one of choice to enjoy the best pizzas that are prepared at the regional level.

In addition to this, the hotel has shops that offer everything in terms of fruits, snacks, cereals … for thirst and dedication to snack time, in addition to enjoying the ice cream area, which provides the smallest opportunity to enjoy delicious desserts .

Hard Rock Punta Cana is the best in terms of tourism and recreation in the Caribbean.


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